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Opening Hours

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our doors will remain closed this summer. Our goal is to keep our employees, customers and community as safe as possible. We look forward to safely sharing a cup of coffee with you next May!



Coal Town Coffee & Tea is located on the Homer Spit, at the end of the road in Homer, Alaska.  Look for the log cabin on the Coal Point Boardwalk at the top of Homer Harbor Ramp 2, right next door to Mako’s Water Taxi.

Coal Town is open seasonally from early May to the middle of September.   Stop by for a great cup of coffee or tea while you are working on your boat or before you head across the bay.


Who We Are

Katy Rice took over the business in 2008, and opened that first summer with a determination to serve the best coffee, espresso, and tea in Alaska. Our enthusiasm is passed along to the customer through an exceptional drink or a conversation about coffee origins. We are constantly trying new brewing methods, refining techniques, and learning more about the chemistry, history, and culture of coffee and tea. We love what we do, and we try to respect both the farmer and the consumer by serving only drinks that meet our high standards of quality.

While we love perfectly steamed milk and an expertly poured shot, we also know that a business is more than the products it sells.  The shop has become a place to gather, to trade fishing reports, to discuss the news, and to laugh.  We meet new people every day, and are fortunate to also have a community of locals who are a part of our daily lives.

Recognizing our impact on people and on the environment, we try to make responsible, sustainable purchasing decisions. We use organic, fairly traded, and local products and ingredients whenever possible. Our baked goods, chai, coffee, and paper and ceramic cups are all made here in Homer. We also try to reduce our impact on the earth by recycling, composting, and minimizing packaging.


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907-235-4771 (May-Sept)

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